A Celebrate Kids! Conference Plenary Preview

We are proud to welcome some new plenary sessions to the conference this year:

Thursday, September 22, 8:15 am
Understanding the Impact of Child Welfare and Justice Involvement on Children and Family Health and Wellbeing

Sarah J. Beal, PhD, & Samantha J. Boch, PhD, RN

Any type of involvement in the child welfare or justice systems frequently exacerbates existing social inequities and is more common for individuals experiencing poverty, systemic racism, and mental health problems. Numerous consequences throughout incarceration (upon arrest, during incarceration, and upon re-entry) or with child welfare involvement (investigation, child removal, reunification) exist for remaining household members, especially for children. The health profiles of these understudied groups are alarming and persistent. Processes for improving identification and assistance for youth and their families affected by child welfare and justice involvement will be discussed.


Friday, September 23, 8:15 am
Suicide Prevention for Adults Working with At-risk Youth

Dr. John Ackerman/Dr. Amberle Prater

One in five children in the US live with a mental health concern, and youth suicide is the second leading cause of death in Ohio among 10–19-year-olds. Youth suicide rates have steadily increased for nearly two decades and the pandemic has created additional stressors for youth and their families. Children in the juvenile justice or foster and adoption care systems are at even higher risk due to the likelihood of adverse childhood experiences. When care providers and trusted adults know how to respond to suicide risk, lives are saved. In this session, attendees will learn important information to identify the risk factors and warning signs of youth suicide. There will also be opportunities to practice effective and supportive ways to respond to suspected suicide risk.

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