Altering the Path to Delinquent Behaviors: A Guide for GALs

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Stefanie Lynn Coe, CASA of Franklin County

Continuing Education Accreditation
Approved: 1.5 hours Sup.R.48, 1.5 hours CLE, 1.5 hours CEU
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Have you wondered how it is that so many of the children represented by CASA Volunteers or attorney guardians ad litem as a result of the child’s abuse or neglect end up in the juvenile justice system? This course will help the CASA volunteer and attorney guardian ad litem become familiar with risk factors that may contribute to delinquent behavior, the steps that can be taken to help prevent or mitigate delinquent acts, and the types of community supports that may be available to help.

In this course, a highly experienced attorney describes the legal framework of juvenile delinquency and gives insight as to how this may impact the role of a CASA volunteer or attorney guardian ad litem. At conclusion, the participant will better understand the nature of delinquency and its causes, and have gained knowledge about the factors that contribute to a child choosing to engage in delinquent behavior.

Faculty experience
Stefanie Lynn Coe, J.D. is an experienced attorney whose practice has included a wide range civil and criminal matters. She also has been a volunteer with Court Appointed Special Advocates of Franklin County for eighteen years. During that time Stefanie has worked with over thirty families and more than eighty children. Stefanie has worked with children who were reunited with their biological parents, some who are now in the legal custody of relatives and multiple cases that have gone through the permanent custody process, both in uncontested situations and full trials and appeals. Stefanie has worked with two families who completed the Recovery Court Program and successfully reunited with their children. Stefanie has worked with children who were sexually abused, diagnosed as tortured, had special education needs, were severely physically injured as well as large sibling groups that were separated into multiple placements. Stefanie was an original member of the CASA of Franklin County Peer Training Team in 2019 and now coordinates the team.

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